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1974 CB 750K Fork Seal Insertion Tool

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Anyone have any tips or know where to get the tool to insert the fork oil seals.
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FOr cb750s I usually take the entire fork apart and inspect for any bends or cracks and work the seals in by hand. However if you do not want to do this take the seal with you to home depot and match it up to some pvc pipe. There is a size that works I just forget what size it is. I like this better than metal exhaust adaptors because 1) you can get it in any length (including taller than your forks so you can get a hammer on the end) and 2) it won't mar the seal if the seal hangs up and you have to use a little extra force.
That sounds good too. I've never had a problem with the metal damaging the new seal, but PVC is a good way around that problem.
I love it when I find stuff in my pile of scraps that I can put to use as a tool. I never throw stuff away...

I pinched a seal and tore it on someone else's bike once while using a piece of exhaust pipe, sucked as I had to buy them new seals. I was just being inattentive and let the pipe slip a little, with PVC I can be a little sloppy.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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