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1974 cb360 battery

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Hey everyone I just bought a cb360 that is at tye start of the transition to a cafe racer but some problems with it. I need a new battery and I could use some help finding the sleekest battery that will still operate the electric start. Any suggestions will help.
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Well the original is a bit bulky for the build I would like to end up with and yeah what is your take on lithium happy to hear.
Thank you that makes a lot of sense and would agm work? I have had to put in a new regulator rectifier already. From looking around would agm battery work well? Seem compacted enough can too.
Okay thank you, looking at the rectifier I bought I should be okay with that. I really appreciate the info.
So the regulator rectifier unit doesn't affect that? What should I be looking at in this case?
I have not and will do
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Gotcha, when I got this bike the regulator rectifier was one thing and I just bought a newer one and if fixed most problems. I had to adjust the timing to get the left cylinder firing. It seems to be running great now just electric start doesn't work and battery pretty sure is messed up.
I can't remember off the top of my head at the moment I will check
Okay thank you and fair enough batteries are pricey so that I appreciate it
1 - 10 of 21 Posts
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