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Hey Guys,

Not one of my bikes but this guyis a friend of mine and he is local (NJ). Given the condition of the bike and what they are going for on ebay his price ($900) isn't too crazy either. Unfortunatly the bike is not running because he grenaded the right con rod. This may be a good cheap way to get yourself a three cylinder 2-stroke legend:

quote:Bike has Seized/grenaded right cylinder and broken right conrod ...timing on other 2 jugs is fine. Bottom end sounds clean when in neutral and pushing around, shifts fine through gearing. Perfect tank, in and out

since the bike is otherwise great, im asking $900 cash or compensated paypal.
I need money NOW

tranny shifts fine
freshly painted frame and rust free tins


need case polished
has scrapes on brake side of engine case
needs trip odometer knob
speedo 3 weeks ago only pegs at 40 mph but mileage is accurate at approx ~6500 original miles
bike was rebuilt from a wreck and has a 1974 clear NJ title with a 1973 sicker on frame with toehtrwise matching numbers
tank was replaced and is 100% rust free
paint was dont at home on frame and panels so it looks awesome but is not 100%
small chips on oiltank sidecover
needs carb top rubbers
scrape on front fender
pipes have been rust inhibited and painted (bumpy but works)

good things:

freshly rebuilt carbs with original kawi parts
K&N pods
electrics are perfect
3 month old yuasa battery
brand new unmounter Bridgestone raides white letterening monder compund , vintage look tires available
brakes are fine
freshly painted frame and tank and panels
hauls ass


ultra slight oil seal leak to be fixed to run perfectly mechanicly

I also have some brand new never mounted Bridgestone tires that will fit the H1...they are spitfires with the raised white lettering 200 new for both, 110 for them now.

I also have a NEW Autocom Pro-Rider kit retails for about $400 looking for $250

Will deliver bike for $1.00 a mile within 150 miles (sorry i only get 9 miles to the gallon)

Somebody buy this bike and help him out would make an awsome cafe racer.

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