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1974 Honda CB360 Side Cover - help!

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I am rebuilding a 1974 Honda Cb360 and turning it into a cafe racer project. I bought the bike without the side cover plastic/fiberglass panels.

I need both left and right sides. I do not care about the color or if it has the original decals because I would like to customize the look myself.

I have been finding them on ebay without any issues but they are going for $40+.

I would be willing to go with an alternative solution too, something that would just cover up the hole nicely. Has anyone else done anything creative for this before?

Here is a photo of what exactly the part is.

Red Automotive exterior Vehicle

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I've bent them up in aluminium sheet, use a 1/4" square bar and couple of pieces of angle iron to form channel for top mountings
Made them to look similar to RD350LC when bike was viewed from side
I had a vice and a few vice grips not a proper sheet metal brake (use what you got :cool:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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