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1974 rd350

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title says rd250 but has 350 engine. (reed valves ) 6 speeds. drum front end. tires good/ like new (bt45). chambers, "mid" rearsets.. engine- new crank bearings. pro-x rod kits. seals, gaskets, small ends, 64.5mm bore. clutch plates, rebuilt/ welded crank. 19.7cc milled/squish heads. still has injector oil tank hooked up. bike is ready to ride. but then again you might want to find that $500 POS Honda build and invest 1000's of $ and who knows how many hours. bike is in central west NJ . PM me if you have a offer. Cuhtahlatah says " buy it" View attachment 61890 View attachment 61898 View attachment 61906 View attachment 61914 View attachment 61922 View attachment 61930 . View attachment 61937
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Now that is one nice bike!

Good luck with the sale!
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