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1975 CB360 Saved from sitting in shed since 1989!

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Quick intro: My four children (9 boy, 8 girl, 6 girl, 4 boy)and I have been working on this shed find for about 1 year now and have made great progress. We have rebuilt front breaks, cleaned and adjusted carbs, dismantled anything that has a screw and cleaned it up and removed the horrible wind shield! Here is a quick before and after. The after photo shows a 72 cb350 in the back ground they helped me strip to the frame! Next for the 75CB360 is new sxs ignition coils we just ordered to replace the worn coils that no longer work. I have seen threads on here regarding replacing coils so I will not bore you with that unless requested.
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1975 Honda CB360 sat in an open shed since 1989 and was loaded with RUST!!! We purchased for $50.00!!! I only bought it because I needed a tank for our 72 CB350 Cafe Project but after a little work discovered we could revive this old girl!
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Here is the 1975 Honda CB360 after all of our hard work. Note we did not need to buy one single thing to get her running apart from gas and cleaning supplies!
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......Note we did not need to buy one single thing to get her running apart from gas and cleaning supplies!.....
That's great, but you need to get rid of those crusty old tyres before you fall off it.
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Very good point. They are not in the pic but are in the garage! Good call hillsy for anyone that gets a bike that has been sitting longer then the previous owner knows you must replace the tires!!! Does not matter if they look good they are still old and as hillsy says they are crusty!!!
Very cool man, your kids are lucky. Would love to see some better quality photos...
Every now and then, if you are lucky and look and wait long enough something like this will pop up from nowhere! Turned out to be a very nice looking machine, best of luck with it.
^I agree^ more pics please.
More to come, we have new coils arriving Friday and are very excited about that! After coils we are going to have tires installed and replace rear tail light.
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