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1975 Honda CB125S

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I purchased this old 125 on offer up for $500. It needs a lot of stuff but it runs, rides great, and best of all it has a title and is currently registered… kind of a rarity for a $500 project on offer up or craigslist. My wife has been wanting to learn to ride on the street for some time .....she knows how to ride dirt bikes and stuff from years of desert trips...... but I figured it would be best to start off on something as small as I could find. As you can see it needs a few things and from just a preliminary inspection I would guess an additional $500 to $700 worth of parts……. So it could potentially be a $1200 motorcycle/project before I even take one rag to wipe the dirt off...but I feel it's worth it.

In my opinion there are 3 pressing issues that need to be addressed before she rides it and one is the front brake. It works but the inner workings are seized and just a big clump of rust. I thought it was a run of the mill front brake but it's some kind of cable squeeze contraption… something I've never seen before. It will stop now but it needs to be addressed. The 2nd thing is the carburetor. The engine sounds tight and not loose but the carburetor is not adjusted correctly or is not the correct one. It'll start…. Sometimes hard… It will idle high and then sometimes normal. It looks like at 1 point they replaced it with a Chinese knock off. I've had hit-or-miss issues with Chinese knock off carburetors so it may be that. It has 6800 miles on the clock and from the tapit covers it looks like the valves were probably never adjusted.

The 3rd thing is electrical. The horn and the headlight works and the tail light is dim. The previous owner told me it had a slow power drain so it may or may not be charging. I haven't taken a multimeter to anything yet so who knows but I'm preparing for the worst.

Good news is parts seem fairly abundant. Some things are dirt cheap and other things are through the roof. I can find a full electrical knock off wiring harness for 40 bucks new and mirrors and gators and little rubber things cheap.

So for now I will address the front brake before anything else so my wife can ride around in circles in a parking lot.. She's small at 5'2" and this bike is extremely small but something tells me she will outgrow it very quick.

It's nice to have a small bike back in the garage…. even if it is a work in progress. I'm sure things will surprise me along the way.

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I have a 1975 CL125. Owned for years now. Got it from the original owner with about 900 miles on it. Think over 4k now. Great bike to have around for runs for Chinese food and beer.

-Yes the front brake is a cable operated unit. Not the best stopping power, but it gets the job done. Should be able to strip everything down, clean it up, replace anything that is needed and be done without much hassle.

-That carb does look new, and would bet is aftermarket. Ive never had luck with them. Best to fine an OEM, and rebuild that for the bike. Kits from honda are super cheap. Actually I try and only use OEM parts on mine. Get almost everything direct from a dealer still.
These bikes HATE changes to the intake. The manifolds are stacked with spacers and gaskets, so tend to leak. Make sure there is some kind of filer in the airbox.

-Mine drains the battery too. Unsure if there is a real issue, or that is just part of living the 6V life. I replace the battery every other year to keep things happy.
Bike will not start with a dead battery, and runs like poop with a low charge one.
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