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1975 Honda CB750.

My landlord is not happy with me due to too many project vehicles on the property, so unfortunately this one has to go first. Need to sell soon, $2200.
However I will trade this for a 100% running and rideable bike.
Open to anything interesting, just let me know.
Due to my lack of free time this will take me awhile to have rideable.
With a totally free weekend it would be a daily rider again.

I bought this from the original owner in Oceanside, who bought it new in 75 from the no longer in existence Oceanside Honda.

Comes with a Vetter Windjammer II fairing, (not currently on the bike).
Fairing and mounting bracket included, along with Clymers guide.
Also has King/Queen seat & sissy bar (i took this off, but included).
Comes with large Vetter turn signals as well.

Runs very well. I pulled the carbs and cleaned them. One float bowl gasket isn't too great, leaks when the gas is on. (I didn't replace any gaskets, just cleaned everything).

New battery, new Motion Pro push/pull throttle cables (return cable clip on throttle tube was broken when I took it apart, needs new tube to fix this).
New tires (couple years old, but never been ridden on, no rot). Comes with stock bars, but I installed a set of drag bars, much nicer look and more comfortable I think. New plugs. Comes with new oil filter, haven't changed oil yet (however oil tank is full and clean).

Tank paint in great shape. Oil tank side cover great. Left sidecover has some cracks.

Paid CA registration ($127) to bring current, was out of DMV system.
Needs to have VIN inspection at AAA or DMV to get title.
I already checked and frame # & motor # match title, so no problem there.
I will try to do it this week.

I took apart and bled front brake, lines were clogged from old fluid.
All lines and M/C good now. Front caliper is still sticky, need to check that out.

Needs new headlight housing. Bucket was taken apart for Vetter wiring, so that is why the light is taped in place in pictures (temporary!!!!)

Anyways, I need to sell her or trade her for something daily rideable that I don't have to leave sitting. (landlord will be fine if its something I ride daily/often, but I can't have more project stuff sitting around most of the time).

Call me for info!
Bike is in San Diego, CA 92117.



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Do you still have this bike? for sale still? also did you get the registration fixed yet? I'd like to see it.

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Not to be a douche but I'll be selling my CB in the spring for 2K$ and it's in way better shape than that . Lesters , V&H pipe , etc . That thang's got electrical tape holding the light one . Might want to hit it with a little bit of elbow grease if you're expecting 2K$+ . Just sayin,
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