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1976 cb550k 35mm front end wheels engine parts etc

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forks are in outstanding condition as is front wheel
i made a fresh ad for the forks with pitchurs
clocks are worthy of praise fenders nice controls stock bars good
head is a good core for rebuild seats are not pit rusted all threads good, guides ,needs new guides valve strtems mike ok but stem to guide clear is over service limit on all 8
typical honda only 2-3 followers are usabl;e but i am picky
minor scoring in cam journals i can def make sure that is in limits if you are potential buyer
going big bore nice jug barrel no fins they no broke
i am interested in selling i cant be making love to this shit
head complete $75
jug barrels $55

clocks $95
fr wheel with rotor $65
+ shipping of course
let me know what you need i'll shoot mo imaages
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