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Ok guys and gals...putting the feelers out there. My girlfriend went back to school and may need the money so we are putting her bike up for sale.

1976 CJ360T. 5 speed, kick start only. Loud dual exhaust. Flanders style dirt track bars. Recently rewired. Overall condition is nice for a daily rider city bike. Bike is curently black, but I have an NOS tank in the original red color. This bike needs nothing mechanically, although there is some crud in the tank (every once in a while I would have to clean out the petcock) - hence why I bought the NOS tank. Tires probably have 8K miles left on them. There is a slight rip in the back corner of the seat, not really noticable.

I would like to get $1200 for her since that is what I have into it, but I'm flexible, shoot me an e-mail and we'll talk: [email protected]
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