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1976 Honda CJ360

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I grew up riding dirt bikes and now I'm trying to get into riding motorcycles on the street. That being said, I'm VERY new at this.
I recently bought a 1976 Honda CJ360. Are these the same parts as a CB360? My goal is to turn it into a cafe style looking bike. I'm still confused on what parts will work for this bike. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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I too have a 76 CJ360. When these bikes were new they were kind of a budget model CB with front drum brake, kick-start only and 2 into 1 exhaust. While not identical to the CB, the do share a lot of the same parts. To know which parts swap between the two models, go to an online parts suppler (Partzilla is who I typically use) when you look up a part number it will tell you all the models that part number fits. There’s been a few guys turn their CJ into a cafe racer and some look pretty sweet. I’m keeping mine stock though.
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