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1976 Yamaha RD400 Caf� Racer or Vintage Race Bike

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1976 Yamaha RD400 Café Racer or Vintage Race Bike

Ready to race or enjoy on the street.

Very beautiful and fast RD400; successfully raced at Loudon, NH in USCRA Formula RD and Middleweight Production for two seasons with many 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Approximately 1:30 lap times. Over $4500 invested.

Stock ported motor. Modified Banshee pistons and rings; cylinders on 2nd overbore (+.050”). Heads milled for improved squish height. CDI Ignition by MZ-B of Germany. Carbs modified with R5 emulsion tubes and variable air bleeds. DG expansion chambers for great torque. K&N filter on y-pipe.

RD350 wheels, with a rear rim laced to the front. Avon AM22 race tires (110/80-18 front and rear). Stainless brake hose, drilled rotor. 15T countershaft sprocket. GP shift pattern with custom Moto-Carrera rearsets. Parts available to return to normal shift.

Works Performance Nitrogen charged shocks. Extraneous tabs removed from powder coated frame and swingarm. New bronze swingarm bushings, all-balls steering head bearings. Micron billet fork brace, progressive springs, NHK steering damper.

Bike has a CT title and current registration.

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Here's a picture of it in action:

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Did the buyer say if they intend to race it?
no - he's strictly a street rider who has a lot of old 2-stroke bikes, including a restored RD400, an RZ-350, and a Honda 250 twin from Japan.
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