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1977 BMW R100 S BUILD

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What’s up everyone,

I recently purchased a 1977 BMW R100 S. Bike has high miles (30,000 or so), but is in great shape and runs fantastic.
As an A&P mechanic for aircraft, I felt I wanted to take on this build on my own as much as possible.

What do people suggest when it comes to starting out? I planned on stripping the body down to just the frame and engine. I’d like to sandblast the frame and re prime / paint, along with the engine itself. Small amounts of rust are visible on the bottom of the frame.

Any suggestions?

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30k miles on a BMW is barely broken in...
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What you do depends on what your goals are...

46works built an r75 and an r100rs that would be what I would do. Not sure of all the details but all his builds are built to ride.

The first one is awesome... the second maybe a little more made for the dumb masses.


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so.... you are going for a look. Not so much improved performance...

good luck.
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