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1977 RD400 Cafe Racer conversion project

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I am just starting to convert my 77 RD400 into a café racer. I have it all stripped down and am taking it to powder coat this week. I have heard of the "M" Button wiring kit to help me put it all back together with new parts. Have any of you used the M button wiring system on your bikes?
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You'll certainly have your detractors about the M-Unit. Check out Motogadget's and Revival Cycle's websites, and see if the features make it worth it to you. I use them on my builds, and have no regrets. It's a one time purchase that I consider a nice upgrade.

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Cool. Someone who actually has bought AND successfuly used it.

What are your thoughts?
What builds did you use it with?

Seems like it would add rather than simplify wiring. Only in the sense that stock harnesses are so well packaged for the most part.

I get down on the product as advertised because your average guy is going to end up with a harness that's less clean if he's even able to deconstruct and reconstruct the own harness.
I think it replaces fuses as well.
Issue I have is that there are safety lock outs ignition and charging systems, sensors that are outside the scope of the m unit that need their own harness.
ok it was 540Nova's central ground bar:

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I freaking clean is this? It's pretty badass

If the M-gaget gets rid of relays, how many relays are we talking about here? headlight, horn, starter, taillight/brake?

still have to do something about the fuses and such.
I'm gonna take a pic of my rewire job to show you how NOT to rewire a bike. Lol.
Local auto parts store connectors, shitty little fuse holder, at least I had automotive spec wires, and zip ties galore!!!

I'd probably electrocute my ass if it ever rained while I was riding.
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