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1977 RD400 Cafe Racer conversion project

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I am just starting to convert my 77 RD400 into a café racer. I have it all stripped down and am taking it to powder coat this week. I have heard of the "M" Button wiring kit to help me put it all back together with new parts. Have any of you used the M button wiring system on your bikes?
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Let's start at the beginning. Welcome.

RD400s are great little bikes. pretty fast,handle well for the time and are fun to ride. I have owned and modified a few over the years and am in the middle of creating an RD350 drag bike for fun.

Motogadget make some really nice parts and the M unit is a really trick unit. I have looked at them a few times and always decided to save those pennies for other more essential stuff. Wiring on a bike like an RD is simple enough but the stock system is adequate. If I wire a bike from scratch I like to wire in headlamp relays and an ignition relay and fuses for each circuit. I have used a couple of PC8 fuse panels from Eastern Beaver and I like their Sumitomo waterproof connectors and Panasonic mini relays. Main

You can also get electrical parts from

Motorcycle Terminals, Connectors, and Wiring Accessories and

OEM-Type Bullet & Spade Electrical Connectors for 1960's through 1970's Japanese Vehicles... Bridgestone, Datsun, Hodaka, Honda, Kawasaki, Landcruiser, Suzuki, Tohatsu, VW, & Yamaha

Products for flasher cans and rectifiers and LED bulbs

Oregon Motorcycle Parts Products for regulators/rectifiers and connectors.

Fortunately RD's are easy to work on and still lots of parts available from pipes to carbs to reeds and so on. A great place for parts is Economy Cycle in Winthrop harbor good people and they sell mainly RD stuff. I just bought a pair of RD400 intake manifolds from John at Economy. Good people.
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ok it was 540Nova's central ground bar:

View attachment 51465

I freaking clean is this? It's pretty badass

If the M-gaget gets rid of relays, how many relays are we talking about here? headlight, horn, starter, taillight/brake?

still have to do something about the fuses and such.
Stock RD has zero relays as stock. None, and no electric starter. It is as simple as it gets.
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