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1977 RD400 Cafe Racer conversion project

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I am just starting to convert my 77 RD400 into a café racer. I have it all stripped down and am taking it to powder coat this week. I have heard of the "M" Button wiring kit to help me put it all back together with new parts. Have any of you used the M button wiring system on your bikes?
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There was a guy on here who built his own junction box. It was in one of Ichi's mod of the months posts. It wasn't expensive, it was really clean, and most of all it was easily serviced. I'll see if I can find it.

At the end of the day, you really just need a fuse box and the correct gauge wire/connectors to wire up the components that make the bike run (an M-whatever isn't that). If starting from scratch here are the things I would change about old junky motorskiggle electronics:

- Replace glass fuses with blade fuses. More common, easier to replace, take up less space. If I really wanted to spend the money I would look for a reset-able circuit breaker and never replace a fuse again

- change those old bullet connectors to more modern weather-pack connectors. Half the time chasing e-problems in an old bike is linked to broken connectors or bad corrosion.

- modern solid state electronics pieces. Forget points and old regulator/rectifier pieces, get a modern sportbike combo piece that is easy to replace on the road if you need it. Plus they will do a better job

- upgrade charging system. can't tell you how many old bikes don't break even charge till you are moving.

- sealed battery.
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ok it was 540Nova's central ground bar:

Auto part Engine Carburetor Vehicle Automotive engine part

I freaking clean is this? It's pretty badass

If the M-gaget gets rid of relays, how many relays are we talking about here? headlight, horn, starter, taillight/brake?

still have to do something about the fuses and such.
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