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1977 RD400 Cafe Racer conversion project

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I am just starting to convert my 77 RD400 into a café racer. I have it all stripped down and am taking it to powder coat this week. I have heard of the "M" Button wiring kit to help me put it all back together with new parts. Have any of you used the M button wiring system on your bikes?
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Skimming the forum after being away for years. In my absence from here I've been working for Revival Cycles, I'm not going to praise Motogadget here but I wanted to mention that there's a lot of miss understanding and apprehension around the m-Unit. we've done 100+ m-Unit installs If anyone has any m-Unit questions concerns feel free to email us a [email protected] and we can demystify it for you.

The only issue I have with the M-unit you can't fix, and that's the extraordinarily over priced cost of the unit.
They're solid state electronics manufactured in Germany and nearly indestructible, we've tried to kill one through various types of electrical abuse and failed. Having sold easily several thousand of these over the last 6 years I've only seen 3 come back broken and in 2 cases it was the result of a built in safety feature being tripped when the owner attempted to jump their bike with a car and overloaded the system blowing a built in fuse that will only blow from a massive over voltage.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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