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1977 RD400 for sale - $3800 OBO

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Hey guys - I'm selling my '77 RD400 to make room for the next project;

- Numbers matching 1977 Yamaha RD400 with a clean Colorado title in my name.
- 14,000 miles total (many rebuilt internals) and runs very strong!
- 200 miles on new tires, refinished wheels in matte black, refinished matte black front fork, refinished matte black mirrors, new points, plugs, ignition cables, carb rebuilt/cleaned and new carb boots
- Recovered seat, aftermarket expansion chamber exhaust, "Y" tube to K&N cone.
- Excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition

Bike can be picked up locally in Denver, CO - or shipped at buyers expense through their preferred shipper.

Assorted spare parts included with bike (plugs, pads, etc)

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle
Speedometer Gauge Tachometer Vehicle Auto part
Alloy wheel Tire Spoke Wheel Rim
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Motorcycle
Motorcycle accessories Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Fuel tank
Vehicle Red Car Automotive exterior Bumper
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Oh great, another one post wonder hacking thier shit
Congratulations jaguar - you got your 5,555th post by hijacking an honest for sale thread for no reason, impressive. Yes, it was one post - but intended to inform a more targeted audience of like-interests of a bike I have for sale that is completely within context of this forum.

For those actually looking for a vintage 2stroke, this might actually be of value to them - so unless you have a specific question about this RD400 for sale, I would request that you keep your mindless negative posts after midnight outside of my thread. Thanks

PS - I'm unfamiliar with the context in which you use "hack" - interesting use of the English language.
Amazing - so you came onto an unfamiliar message board and posted a for sale ad without ever getting to know the people that "live" here. Then you get upset when you are called on it? What if we are a bunch of evil bastards waiting for some douche to give us a name and number (like "Mike at 720-252-2977") to start posting male seeking male ads on the Denver, CO craigslist? I guess it's a good thing we are not like that?

Serious questions for you - what exactly does "many rebuilt internals" mean? Did you get the crank seals replaced and the crank rebuilt? And if so, who did the work? Important questions for someone considering buying. Also, who made the chambers? Do you know? There are good RD pipes out there and crappy ones. which are yours?
Diamond - I guess I should have just stuck my RD up on the city corner with a for sale sign on it. That's what you would do right if you selling a niche bike to a small audience within the motorcycling community? Amazing how I had much more positive and constructive responses when I recently sold one of my MVAgustas on an MV-specific forum that I did not frequent prior to posting a bike for sales on the "For Sale" section.

Anyway, I'll answer your questions even though I have to assume that you actually have no intention or interest in purchasing an RD400. Perhaps it will help any of those who are reading this because they would like the bike.

what exactly does "many rebuilt internals" mean? Did you get the crank seals replaced and the crank rebuilt?

A - New upper end including Wiseco pistons (stock CC) with Connecting Rod Kit (Rod, Crank Pin, lower bearing, and Trust Washers), stock crank rebuilt and balanced along with new bearings/labyrinth seals. Complete engine seal kit installed including; drive and timing side seals, drive sprocket oil seal, kickstart axle seal, gear change shaft seal (crank case and outer cover), clutch pushrod seal, gearbox blank plugs.

And if so, who did the work?

A- HVCcycle in Lincoln, NE - HVCcycle Home

Also, who made the chambers? Do you know? There are good RD pipes out there and crappy ones. which are yours?

A- They are Spec II with modified silencers.

Hope that helps to answer your questions. Please let me know if you are an interested buyer Diamondj.
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Don't be so precious. You are just using a blog as a free advert. It's amusing having someone with two posts telling Der Jagenemeister (with 5,555 thousand posts) how he should reply to your free ad.

IMO you can 'jack a thread, but not an ad. There is no narrative to bespoil. Some humility in your current hobby would be appreciated by all, and it will stand you in good stead in your private and public life as well.

3.8K is over the odds by my reckoning. The seat looks, well, too Trans-Am. It appears to have the OEM shocks. They were pretty crappy the day they left the factory, and are probably worn right out now.

I guess you have to pay the rent, and now walk everywhere. Good luck with the sale.

Danger, is my business.

PS: N.B., A "hack" can be a person slaving away at task for mere shekels in return. Your ad fits that definition like a stiff old carby boot.
Witworth, in efforts to familiarize myself with the community here- I came accross this thread which seems to sum up your "comradery" amongst your fellow regular forum members. Guess you just like to talk smack for the sake of it anywhere here ;
I like your RD btw.
if I was going to vintage track race, I think that would be in contention,
although I'm not sure what class they would stick you in :|
Thanks - really appreciate it. I'm sure it'll go to a good home at some point. Probably not via here as Jaguar factually stated (saw that jaguar and twitworth like to buddy up on the negative responses here).

This ride was more for a trip down the nostalgic memory lane as my first bikes were ripping 2strokes.
Ask the twitworth for a pic of his bike.
From what I've read - that is as likely as seeing a unicorn running down the street with a pig flying above it :p

Incidentally Dean - saw that your in highland park Il. I grew up in lake bluff and used to caddie at Bob O Link country club in HP. Used to ride my Kenny Roberts rz350 to and from the course - loved that bike until I snapped my finger in the sprocket one day!
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We play at Sunset Valley and lob shit balls over the fence at them when we're playing #2 and #3

LOl - I don't have a dog in that fight so fire away :) Sunset is a fun course too -
No fender on top of the seat to stop rain falling straight onto it in a car park or on the highway in a thunderstorm.

Danger, is my business.
"twitworth" - as you are so affectionately called here, I almost started replying to your nonsense (what does a fender on top of your seat mean?!!) but then I saw that there is actually a thread started on "HOW TO IGNORE WITWORTH" -

Your fellow forum members, amongst which you are such a "regular" have actually had to go to such lengths as to post a tutorial on how to BLOCK YOU FROM THEIR Ok - ignored.
How are the reed valves, do they lay perfectly flat against the cage? Stock original, replaced to your knowledge or aftermarket?
… was a part that made a significant performance difference on my 2-strokes.

Oil is still by injection, or are you running pre-mix ? I remember the RD's as being pretty heavy smokers :|
Also having a difficult time keeping the front end down, when it hit the power-band on a modified RD350 :)
… I'd probably be scared to do a high speed wheelie on a skinny tired bike now, been riding the fat Pirelli on the MV too much lately ;)
Good points - as those are tricky on these older 2strokes from what I've learned. The specialty shop that did the work on this RD installed the banshee cages and reeds - which really crisped things up.

The oil is still injection - with everything seeming to mix well still. A bit of typical 2stroke smoke on choke and warmup - but it settles in cleanly - even under WOT.

I haven't pulled too many wheelies on that skinny tire either - especially while still in partial lean out of a canyon corner here in Colorado :eek:, I save that for my Italian flavors that share the stable currently with the RD ('14 MV F4 and '10 1198SP). I'm sure you're loving that F3 - great looking bike.
Nice! Might hurt the top speed a bit, and limit visibility in high-speed corners - but who cares, you at least have a nice-smelling dry seat........ right Wit?? lol
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:shock: you let other people work on your reeds ! ;)

what brands of 2-stroke injection oil have you tried?
ya, I don't claim to be an expert wrencher/tuner by any means - I pay much more knowledgeable people who have learned this over their lives to do it :)

I've used Yamalube, Silkolene, and Amsoil - Silkolene seems to be the most consistent and my favorite. I had a grey market RGV250 that wouldn't run well on anything but the silk - miss that bike!

Hey look, I now have 11 posts - I'm no longer a one hit wonder Jaguar! :p
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My legal opinion is tell the person and the lawyer to go #$%^ themselves. The person knowingly provided personal contact details on a public forum able to be viewed by virtually anyone on the net. That information could be stored anywhere now. The details are in the public domain and are beyond any reasonable legal measures, or redress. They may (or may not be) on gay dating or pizza recipe sites Worldwide, as we breathe. Them little byties have done jumped the fence. They ain't coming back sonny!

No legal office address or evidence of any legal qualifications on that email that I can see.

It's probably a law student just pissed off and mouthing off.

If he considers his phone privacy is at risk, he'll need to stop, block or request another phone number from his carrier post haste. Get someone to phone the number in question from a public phone, if it works or he answers, it means his action has no merit and it shows no real fear of actions of unknown others. It would prove he's just dicking around, as well.

Dick is, as dick does, does dick.

Take screenshots of his generally abusive postings as a newcomer on a motorcycle blog. It then puts it all into context as normal banter between motorcyclists.

I picked him as jerk on his second post. I'm wrong about a lot of things, but my instincts are never wrong.

I can't seen any legal issues in a person phoning him and politely asking: "What is your problem, c#@%breath?"

Danger, is my business.
wit - you are indeed wrong about many things, including your assumption that I am a law student. You spent quite a bit of time on that last post, something must have struck a nerve - although it appears as though you concentrate your insults uniformly accross all the threads.

To the forum admin - fine by me if you delete this post and ban me. Bike was just sold today through a venue outside of here.

Seems like there are some good eggs in here (including trials) that unfortunately have to deal with less than admirable (to say the least) characters like Twitworth.

Sayonara -
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