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1977 RD400 for sale - $3800 OBO

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Hey guys - I'm selling my '77 RD400 to make room for the next project;

- Numbers matching 1977 Yamaha RD400 with a clean Colorado title in my name.
- 14,000 miles total (many rebuilt internals) and runs very strong!
- 200 miles on new tires, refinished wheels in matte black, refinished matte black front fork, refinished matte black mirrors, new points, plugs, ignition cables, carb rebuilt/cleaned and new carb boots
- Recovered seat, aftermarket expansion chamber exhaust, "Y" tube to K&N cone.
- Excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition

Bike can be picked up locally in Denver, CO - or shipped at buyers expense through their preferred shipper.

Assorted spare parts included with bike (plugs, pads, etc)

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Speedometer Gauge Tachometer Vehicle Auto part
Alloy wheel Tire Spoke Wheel Rim
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Motorcycle
Motorcycle accessories Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Fuel tank
Vehicle Red Car Automotive exterior Bumper
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I like your RD btw.
if I was going to vintage track race, I think that would be in contention,
although I'm not sure what class they would stick you in :|
How are the reed valves, do they lay perfectly flat against the cage? Stock original, replaced to your knowledge or aftermarket?
… was a part that made a significant performance difference on my 2-strokes.

Oil is still by injection, or are you running pre-mix ? I remember the RD's as being pretty heavy smokers :|
Also having a difficult time keeping the front end down, when it hit the power-band on a modified RD350 :)
… I'd probably be scared to do a high speed wheelie on a skinny tired bike now, been riding the fat Pirelli on the MV too much lately ;)
?:I do you see any missing fenders that would cause problems with the seat soaking up water ?
No fender on top of the seat to stop rain falling straight onto it in a car park or on the highway in a thunderstorm.
You put your fenders on top of your seat, :rolleyes: no wonder you won't posts pics of your imaginary motorcycles.
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Good points - as those are tricky on these older 2strokes from what I've learned. The specialty shop that did the work on this RD installed the banshee cages and reeds - which really crisped things up.

The oil is still injection - with everything seeming to mix well still. A bit of typical 2stroke smoke on choke and warmup - but it settles in cleanly - even under WOT.

I haven't pulled too many wheelies on that skinny tire either - especially while still in partial lean out of a canyon corner here in Colorado :eek:, I save that for my Italian flavors that share the stable currently with the RD ('14 MV F4 and '10 1198SP). I'm sure you're loving that F3 - great looking bike.
:shock: you let other people work on your reeds ! ;)

what brands of 2-stroke injection oil have you tried?
Nice! Might hurt the top speed a bit, and limit visibility in high-speed corners - but who cares, you at least have a nice-smelling dry seat........ right Wit?? lol
?:I what, no pedals ? , would never work.

2 of mine don't have a seat, that works really well if you have a really comfortable fender :)
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