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1977 Suzuki gs750 cold cylinder

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The bike has one cold cylinder on the far right of the four. It gets spark but I’m not sure how it’s not getting gas or air. The bike is having a loss of power and I believe this it, I’ve been debating on getting new carbs but I don’t think that would fix this.
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do what the above are telling you. i just checked my cmr and was getting 90 psi on cyl #1. took out a 2.55 shim ( valve wasnt closing) for a 2.35. now i get 125 plus on a cold cylinder
Before doing all this work, how is changing the valve clearance going to magically make the cylinder work again, could the carbs possibly be dirt and just not letting gas through?
yes , check the pilot jet
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a 4-1 and some keihin cr in a 26 would be nice
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