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1978 Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer $4700 shipped

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1978 Honda CB 750 SOHC...
The original Super Bike!
Recent upgrades: new chain, front and rear sprocket, dyna racing ignition and coil kit, ultrasonic carb cleaning, re-jetted last summer and tune up (oil/filter/plugs).... new antigravity 8 cell lithium battery, K&N air filters, new mirrors, grips, front and rear indicators (matt black), shock seals, regulator rectifier, electrical harness set up and hidden inside custom fiberglass console. LED tail lights set up inside rear frame, customized oil tank/reservoir and oil pressure gauge, tires only have 3000km on them, custom leather cafe seat with crossover stitching and finished in Mitsubishi Orange

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Wow. Somebody jump on this awesome deal.
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Someone should grab this
price reduced, $4200 shipped
so they can install a proper muffler and rearsets of course.
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Art of the flip?
Never trust a fart
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So is it in Ar-kansas or The Great North?

And, who cares?
significant difference in price?
Nice username choice.
I'd at least put the rear sets I build on a bike if I were to build to sell.
Copied your city, state and country, too.

Wonder where the bike is located?
Nice username choice.
What was that they said about imitation and flattery? :rolleyes:

It's a shame the bike sucks dick though.....
The eBay ad showed Canada.
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