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1978 Honda CB550K

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I've got a 1978 Honda CB550K for sale. It's got a clean MA title and all the registration paperwork. I didn't turn it into a cafe racer myself, but my guess is that somebody with more skills than I have could probably do a good job at it. This one is almost completely stock.

When I got it a couple of years ago, it had sat on its centerstand, in a garage, for about 10 years. Thanks, in large part, to a few of the helpful folks on this site, I was able to get it back up-and-running, and have been using it as a daily driver ever since. Here are the things I did to it, while keeping it as stock as I possibly could:

* New oil filter and o-ring set
* New battery
* New battery cables
* New ignition switch assembly
* New points cover and gasket
* New alternator cover gasket
* Totally restored and powder-coated 4-barrel carburetor (I still have the old, original set)
* New manifold boots
* New air intake boots
* New throttle cables
* New superbike handlebars and grips
* New front brake lines
* New front brake pads
* LED taillight bulb
* New speedometer cable
* New dashboard bulbs
* New reproduction seat cover
* New ignition coil pack
* New NGK spark plug wires & plugs
* Dynatek electronic ignition

I kept a notebook of everything I did to this motorcycle, all of which comes with the bike. I kept most all of the receipts as well and whoever buys this from me gets all of that stuff, including my Clymer manual. It was my goal to upgrade it with some newer, more advanced parts, like the electronic ignition, simply because that kind of thing is more reliable than dealing with points and condensers.

It is ready to go and has been used as a daily driver, on backroad commutes, for the last couple of years. It's been garage kept and treated well, and you simply can't take it anywhere without people wanting to stop you to talk about it. It's fun, reliable, fast, easy to pilot, and a great vintage bike. It starts right up, every time, and has never, ever let me down.

Currently, it's in my garage, under a protective cover with the fuel topped off, and the battery out of it and on a charger. It even still has the original Honda toolkit underneath the seat.

I'm simply looking to upgrade to a newer motorcycle and need to pass this one along to someone who will take good care of it. It is NOT a parts bike - It's in great working condition.

If you've got any questions, I'll be glad to answer them for you - Just email me and I promise to get back to you ASAP. Now is a great time, because riding season will be here before you know it.

I'm asking $3,000 OBO for it, as I think that's pretty fair, but I'm willing to moderately negotiate. I mean, please don't offer me like $1,000 or anything, but hopefully you get the idea.

Anybody who's interested can get me either here or by emailing me directly at [email protected]...!


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