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Putting this back up for sale.
1979 GS750E
Former track bike, has plenty of scars and race patina.
Everything is drilled for safety wire
Fully serviced to include valve shims, chain, sprocket, oil, rebuilt (ultrasonically cleaned) carbs. I have notes on the valve shim measurements.


-Converted from vacuum petcock to gravity
-Stock motor (painted)
-New counter-shaft seal
-New valve cover gasket
-All Balls Steering Stem and Wheel bearings
-Braided steel brake lines in front
-Completely rebuilt rear brake master cylinder and caliper
-Completely rebuilt clutch actuator mechanism
-Most engine bolts replaced with allen bolts, anti-seize used
-Dyna Coils and Ignition
-Progressive front springs
-Progressive rear shocks
-Japanese hand bent exhaust (with custom made baffles)
-Avon road rider tires
-Starter delete (set up for kick start only)
-Vented oil cap and generator cover, routed to Goya brand catch can
-Polaris R+R
-Motogadget basic: bike has been completely rewired using proper crimp connectors, heat shrink, and fabric wiring loom tape.

Extra tank, parts-carbs, exhaust, starter motor, track day generator cover (clearance for cornering but requiring removal of generator), TWO service manuals, replacement right side passenger peg mount.
This bike comes with a binder of many notes, part numbers, and receipts for this bike.

What the bike needs:
-4 x air filters
-The seat pan is pretty tired; it's mostly fine but one of the hinges needs to be welded back on/reinforced
-Replacement passenger peg mount (included) needs to be welded on to the frame. The old exhaust required the previous owner to cut off the peg mount. The new exhaust is supposed to use the stock muffler hanger. I've used some angle iron as a temporary support, but have the part on hand to bring the frame back to "stock".

-This bike doesn't have a key. Just a toggle switch on the left side cover. The kill switch does function.
-The front brakes aren't wired to the brake light. Brake light functions on rear pedal use only.


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I'll consider letting this go for $2500 to a CR member.
I want to make some space in the garage.
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somebody buy this. It wants to be ridden.
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