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If i buy if like $500, come home and find out is has no compression, is it a total loss? Is there a good chance thats nothing with the engine because it only 2k miles? should I just get a compression tester and test it at his place before buying?
at $500, "technically" if you get a flat tire the bike's a total loss, lol.

With old bikes, sometimes mileage is less important than how often it sits. I would rather have a high mileage bike that is used regularly, then something with low miles that has just sat around. why? well when a bike gets used, the stuff that breaks gets fixed.

What's the point of buying this bike? If you are buying it because you want to learn how to fix motorcycles then maybe buying something like this is a good intro - even if it is something like a holed piston (although if that is the case, I would look for a bike with more of an aftermarket so you can actually get parts to fix it).

If you want something to just ride, maybe take the $800 and put it down on financing a cheap beginner motorcycle. Save the vintage bike for your next bike.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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