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I picked this bike up for about $300 and it even ran. I have all the original parts but someone before me tried putting pod filters and rejetting the carb to make them work but they failed. So it ran a little crappy but nothing was broken.



I stripped it all the way down because it needed a really deep clean. Corrosion on the engine from salt water air, leaky oil cooler lines, the calipers were's frozen but I was able to free them up and the frame has some surface rust I needed to neutralize.


foaming engine degreaser a scrub brush and a cheap electric pressure washer cleaned it up really nice.


after scrubbing this entire bike from top to bottom, I shot the entire frame with permatex rust treatment. waiting on the paint to get here.


got the engine painted


sanded down the fins on the edges. I think it came out alright.

And that's where I'm at right now. I have a bunch of parts coming but since i downsized from my house in central california to an apartment in southern california, I have a fraction of the tools and equipment I had before. I'm still thinking about how I'm going to get a cafe racer seat on it with my limited availability of equipment to make something but I think I will come up with something. I will update this later when I have more accomplished, and I appreciate any advice or information anyone has for these bikes. I'm having a hell of a time finding rotors for it and I decided to keep the original forks for now. maybe further down the road I will swap them out but not at the moment. If anyone has a colored wiring diagram for this bike also, I would really appreciate a copy if you could spare one.

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Your best bet is going to be to lean into the 80's drag theme the bike came with stock. Making it look like a period road racer is an exercise in futility.

If it were my bike:
-full service
-race tech springs and emulators
-fork brace
-braided steel brake lines
-all balls wheel bearings
-the highest performance tires you can afford
-new stem bearings (all balls)
-deep clean the carbs (ultrasonic)
-balance carbs
-check intake manifolds for cracks
-new throttle and clutch cables
-hagon rear shocks
-performance exhaust (kerker?)
-reproduction wiring harness

After that you'll have a bike that will perform SIGNIFICANTLY better than stock in every single aspect.
Notice that I didn't even touch on cosmetics yet.
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