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1981 CB750C Muscle Bike / Brat

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I am selling my CB750C. It started as a 1981 CB750 Custom, and I built it as shown. Yes, I got on the vintage bike trend, but I love my ZX6R.

Spark plugs and wires
Oil/air filter (oil)
Sonic springs
Fork oil
Fork seals
Brake caliper parts
Brake pads
SS brake lines
Radial master cylinder

Adjusted valve clearances, cleaned carbs and replaced all rubber parts in carbs.

Bike runs great. Starts up first touch every time, idles smoothly. All electronics work: lights, high and low and blinkers, run/kill switch, neutral indicator, etc. Genuine leather side covers.

Yes, it does the ton.

I'm located in Portland, Oregon. I have it on CL for $3900, but am open to offers.

Thanks for looking, tear it up below! ;D


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Genuine leather side covers.
Dude, they are NOT a selling point. At least dye them black....or preferably leave them off....

$3900? Good luck with that!

Good luck.
I'd say $500-600 might be more reasonable
The fake side cover leatherie thingies are bad. real bad. Lose'm. Is whats under them actually worse? You did some good maintenance stuff but it just isn't .... well isn't. Drop it to your rock bottom price and move it along. You'll feel better. If you're thinking about doing it again, don't. Good luck with it.
I could attempt to dye the leather to match the seat. Wasn't sure I wanted black. Underneath is the stock battery box and wiring. It looked unfinished to me.


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I actually like it a lot better without them.

I'd say put a rear fender of some type on it and the bike would really click.

Do that and you could probably get $1000-1200.
Finished = I am tired of this and trying to sell it for a ridiculous price?
Nope looks like shit that way too. The seat colour is a problem so don't dye the ugly side "flaps" to match the ugly seat. Proper side covers with some matching paint would help. A rear fender and a seat that matches the bike and lines up better with the tank wouldn't hurt. Where the fuck are the rear indicators? Are chain guards passe'? It is a project bike not a finished product so your price with have to reflect that. Not trying to be rude but asking that kind of money for that bike is kinda rude. JMHO
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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