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1981 GS550L Cafe Racer

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So I took on this as a Covid project. Really enjoyed the build and super happy how it came out, but all good things need to come to an end and need to declutter my garage for my other hobbies. Hopefully someone can enjoy this as much as I did restoring it.

Attached a few pictures (including a list of the parts I put into this and maintenance, its the engineer in me) and can send more per request.

Looking to get $3k OBO
  • Clean title
  • 15k miles on engine - put roughly 400 after restoration
  • Brand new battery
  • Pretty much any rubber piece on this bike has been replaced in the last 6 months, including the brand new tires
  • Kept most of the original wiring, tried not to tamper with too much in the event I needed stock replacement parts
  • Runs great after it warms up, will fire right up but needs full choke to hold idle until warm

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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