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1981 Honda CB650 Clutch Cover

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1981 CB650 - Looking for 2 needle bearing part numbers. Inside the clutch cover, looks like they're pressed in supporting the clutch lever.

they're not shown on any diagram.


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Hard part to wear out considering it is well oiled :unsure: or maybe the crankcase was full of ocean, I think you might be looking at working with what you have there or buy a whole assembly at a wrecker which will get costly.
ya, figured that. Mine functions perfect but glass beading to prepare for the engine powdercoat, I'll try to pull the needle bearings or protect the best I can before the oven.
The oil seal is the only thing you need to worry about if the rod rotates freely (y) on lots of bikes that part is just a bronze bushing, no rollers
... no need to worry about heat on bearings or bushings they can take more heat then the aluminum alloy castings
1 - 2 of 6 Posts