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first of all this is NOT mine, I am only forwarding this to the list for a friend!

from his description: " This beautiful 1981 TZ 250 H Yamaha is completely or very nearly 100 percent original. It came out of a Japanese Museum many years ago and was never raced again. It is rare to find such an old TZ that is as original as this one. It is pictured without a fairing windscreen, but a brand new one will be supplied with the purchase. It is an important model in the TZ line up and had many, many improvements over previous 250s. It was consequently considerably more expensive.
Firsts for this year include: engine runs backwards (reducing piston wear), separate cylinders, power valve (mechanical), smaller lighter gearbox with reduced oil volume and gearbox oil pump, lighter frame. It has not been run or raced since purchased and would be an excellent vintage race bike or addition to your collection."

Ebay (US) item #: 110200791072
or link:


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