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1982 CB750k Cut Frame

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Hello all,

Trying to figure out if I got scammed with my recent 1982 CB750k puchase. Took the off the headers and found a cut in the frame on the drivers right side:


It looks like the frame has been cut and replaced from the right rear footpeg to under the headers. Here is the bracket near the right footpeg:


The brackets look like there's a chance they could be OEM, so I'm wondering if this was by design and included to make dropping the engine out easier? Otherwise one of the previous owners bent up the frame, cut it out, and put a replacement in without welding it together, and I got screwed on the bike purchase.

Does anyone have experience with something like this on a DOHC Honda CB? Help would be appreciated

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The frame is cheapest 'mild steel' Honda could find at the time so don't worry about bending it back into shape.
The chances of frame cracking are pretty slim, they usually crack from long term engine vibration but more often will rust out long before that happens particularlyu around top of rear shock mounts where they flex
AFAIK, all the twin cam 750/900's had removable frame section to remove engine (bloody heavy lump as well)
Shipping to Canada has gotten crazy expensive compared to internal shipping in USA.
Still cheaper than 'international rates' to ship everywhere else in the world though.
Last time I sent medium flat rate box to Britain it was $48.00, in USA it's under $16.00
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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