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1982 CB750k Cut Frame

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Hello all,

Trying to figure out if I got scammed with my recent 1982 CB750k puchase. Took the off the headers and found a cut in the frame on the drivers right side:


It looks like the frame has been cut and replaced from the right rear footpeg to under the headers. Here is the bracket near the right footpeg:


The brackets look like there's a chance they could be OEM, so I'm wondering if this was by design and included to make dropping the engine out easier? Otherwise one of the previous owners bent up the frame, cut it out, and put a replacement in without welding it together, and I got screwed on the bike purchase.

Does anyone have experience with something like this on a DOHC Honda CB? Help would be appreciated

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Thanks for the replies everyone, I'm relieved it wasn't hacked up by the previous owner. Still, it looks like I need to drop the engine, realign the bent frame section, paint, and replace the nuts/bolts. Do you guys see any issues trying to straighten the frame back out? I'm concerned trying to bend it back so things line up will cause structural weakness and could be a safety risk.

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The PO put possibly cheap, off-shore, wrong sized bolts, washers and nuts for spacers on the original removable frame rail.

Is your frame safe now? <- depends on how rusty it is on the inside of the non-rustproofed frame tubes, and if those bolts were ever strong enough to be used where they were used, which is unlikely considering the tubes appear to have been bent to some extent.

Did you get scammed? <- if you paid more then about 800 bucks for a non-running 1982 twin cam CB750 you certainly did.
Thanks for the reply, I'll be trying to fix things as I mentioned in my other comment. I paid about $2000 CAD so $1580 USD, but it's a complete bike with a clean title and runs well.
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Get it plated asap and do your modifications after. Just make it look nice and stock and un rusty before the mechanic sees it to certify it.

and get the right size bolts, that's easy.
How much is insurance going to cost you?
Roger, I'll get it cleaned up. Are you saying don't worry about trying to straighten the frame?

I was able to get my '05 CBR 600rr insured for about $300/year, and my dad went with the same provider for his '79 CBX1000 at about the same price. I'm assuming it will be in that range.

He also didn't have to get an inspection when registering/insuring his CBX, as the bike was last registered in Alberta. Same case for my '82 CB, so I'm hoping I won't have to have a mechanic certify it. That being said, I want to ensure it's safe to ride before I take it out.
You know I got thinking; I bet there was a crash bar bolted to that frame connection and it got crashed. Chances are that's why the bolts are so long and it has some weird bend damage.

Crash bars save one thing and damage another.
I bet that's what it is. The bike has signs of being laid down on the right side.
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