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1982 GN400 Horn

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Trying to piece back a bike that I bought in Nevada where no safety inspection is necessary as opposed to here in Utah. So today's project is the horn. As many of you know this is a 6 volt system. When the horn is dissembled from the bike and a multi-meter is placed on both leads it has continuity. From there I moved to measuring the output of the wires that connect to those leads- 6.01V is what I got WITHOUT holding down the horn button, no difference when I do. This was just slightly under the battery voltage. When I connect it, the horn vibrates but does not make any noise, then when I push the horn button you can feel it but again no noise... When I took the horn off of the bike after the bike was running and all one of the leads on the horn was very hot, as well as the horn itself..

Any help here would be awesome, I know nothing really about electronics on these things so anything is appreciated.
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There should be a screw on the back of the horn that you can turn to adjust the vibrating plate and get a noise out of the horn.

Or maybe it's just stuffed and you need a new one. Lots of smaller road/trail bikes run 6v systems so a new horn shouldn't be too hard to find (IE: any 6v horn will work).
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Fucking wait a minute - aren't GN400's 12 volt ???
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