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I just finished a semi-custom restoration of an '82 GS750E. I always liked early GS's but did not care for the long bench seat or the way the logos and stripes all slanted towards the middle of the bike, giving it a swayback look. And the rear tail section just sticks out the back a bit too far in my opinion. To accomplish my goal I removed 5" from the rear by cutting the subframe and moving it up and forward, welding it on top of the main frame.

I found this bike rode hard and left outside wet a while back although it ran great. No engine teardown was needed but the rest of the bike was a full restoration down to every last bolt. List of mods is below the pic, no changes to suspension geometries or riding stance.

1982 GS750E  .jpg

• Removed 5” from rear subframe by cutting behind shock mount, lifting the cut off section on top of the frame rail and sliding it forward 5” then welding subframe on top of remaining frame
• Raised rear of fuel tank 2”
• Raised side cover mounts 2”
• New single seat with handmade wooden base
• Stripped, degreased and painted engine with VHT paint then baked to cure
• Replaced large “dashboard” type instrument cluster with separate tach/speedo units, cut down instrument stalk between the gauges to remove gear indicator and fuel gauge
• Replaced front turn signals with smaller ones. Integrated rear turn signals into side cavities in taillight
• Replaced stock handlebars with superbike bend handlebar
• Modified front fender (shortened)
• Powdercoated frame and wheels
• New paint on all body panels with hand pinstriping to reflect original stripe design and colors
• Stainless steel Galfer brake lines, rebuilt brake masters and calipers, new brake pads
• Stock exhaust with Ceracote "chrome" finish
• New sprockets and drive chain
• Progressive shocks
• New Continental tire

This is what I started with:
'82 GS750 Before.jpg
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