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1982 Suzuki gs750t wont charge while running.

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My 82 gs750 won't charge while running. I've been told it's the reg/rec, the battery, or the stator itself. I have a brand new li-Ion battery just installed, so it's not that. Reg/rec is also brand new, but it's possible. Best guess is the stator. Any thoughts?
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I was working at Suzuki dealer in early/mid 80's.
GS750 was a bit overweight but still a good motor let down by crap charging system.
No where near as unreliable as the GSX550 though.
Get a re-wound stator, modern Mosfet R/R and you'll be golden.
It's a permanent magnet system, you can check outputs for contiuity and probably find a winding burned out or broken (where did you take it that doesn't even know basic electrical troubleshooting?)
I've been told by numerous people, that if you disconnect the battery, the bike will still run.
Well, you talk to a lot of idiots.
It may run for a little while directly from alternator, but, you will probably burn outt some even more expensive parts.
You are turning ignition OFF and not to PARK?
If it's off and you have any lights on, you still have a serious problem.

By the way, it's a Capacitor that makes a spark plug spark. If your engine has points and condenser it is the condenser that makes the spark because the condenser is a capacitor. If your engine has CDI that stands for Capacitor Discharge Ignition and it is still a capacitor that powers the spark coils.

A capacitor is a simple component that acts much like your lithium battery in that it can release or take on a huge amount of power very quickly. The signal generator tells the CDI when to dump the capacitors load into the ignition coils and the coils are just a transformer to increases the voltage from ~12 volts to several thousand volts making a spark at the plug gap, much like lightning. Reduced input voltage to the capacitor will result in reduced spark at the spark plug.
I've mentioned it many times, you will get reverse EMF from ignition coils 'feeding' capacitor around 300V when engine is running. It tends to stabilise and drop but coil is still getting over 12V after bike starts.
If you look at them in depth, electical systyems tend to be more interesting than people think.
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