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HAHA, ok folks, i know its pointless and amusing to most people, but yes i will be minorly modifying my newly bought GSX250e into a cafe'ish bike, although it wont be spectacular and authentic, at least it will be something that i can have a bit of pride in until i can afford a 300cc+ bike.

pics will be posted below.

What i will be doing to the bike to get it in good condition for the road, but also to add a bit of fun. Yes i am going to try to make this massive 17 horsepower beast reach as close to 100mph as i can, backyard mechanic style care of my friends :)
- pod filters
- simple straight through classic style exhaust
- Carbie rejet and rebuild
- head rebuilt, with slightly hotter cam, polished, ported and shaved slightly with new gaskets and parts.
- when the spare motor comes in, we will be rebuilding it with slightly overbore pistons.
- hardened alloy sprockets and chain (for looks... haha)
- it has adjustable rear springs at the moment, but id love some aftermarket ones, although its not financially supportable on a 250...
- rebuilt front forks and a fork brace kit.


- Respray, either in black, a dark mica green, or midnight blue.
- Respray frame in gloss black or powdercoated black.
- Respray Wheels either silver, or black, or leave them gold, im not sure. (ideas?)
- Rebuild and respray the brake calipers.
- Not bothering with a fiberglass ducktail at the moment, but may make one in the future if i get bored.
- Resprayed motor, and parts
- Replace most major nuts and bolts with new shiney ones (come on, its a little touch that makes everything just seem nice in the end)

- for chrome parts im not sure if i want to either rechrome them or matt black them? ideas?
- Clip on handlebars

Thats about it folks, basically just like a few weekends project that i can plod around with as a commuter for a few months until i upgrade to a new bike...

No matter how old they get, guys don't understand when to take their bikes to the shop, even after 3 stripped oil plugs and a completely missing set of engine mounts.

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sounds good mate! should be a nice little machine but i bet it'd be a few more weekends than you are anticipating, so it might only be ready for summer.

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