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Yes, I have many years of turbo tuning and WB datalogging experience.
The meter is pegged at cruising speeds.

At WOT, I'm actually right where I want to be mid 12s-13.

I just need to either play with the jet, or possibly adjust the air screws... but that will lean out my WOT range too.

Best to start with the jet.
I just wanted to update this thread on this issue I was having, maybe help anyone else in the process by reading my experience.

My wideband was pegged 9:1 AFR while cruising, and idle.
While I wasn't sure if the gauge was accurate, I removed the plugs to inspect.
To my surprise, the plugs looked "okay." Not excessively rich or perhaps oil coated/burnt.

I removed the carbs and lowered my needle jets from the 4th notch from the top, to the 2nd notch from the top. (Dynojet kit needle jets.)
Also, I screwed the fuel mixture screw down to the full seated position. (Max lean.)

I re-installed everything, warmed up the wideband, and started the bike.
Now as predicted, the bike needed the choke to idle and I recorded the observed AFR. (18-19:1)

I then proceeded to dial out the fuel mixture screws 1 turn at a time.

AFR's are being measured at idle speed. 1100rpm or so.
1 - Turn from full seat resulted with an AFR of 17:1
2 - Turns from full seat resulted with an AFR of 16:1
3 - Turns from full seat resulted with an AFR of approximately 14.7:1 stoic.

AFR's are acceptable now through the rev range.
I'm going to continue logging and fiddling to get things the best I can.

I just wanted to share that the wideband has probably been the best modification for this bike yet. It has made my life so much simpler while trying to trouble shoot. I can really take advantage of the 70mm velocity stacks. Low end grunt is much more noticeable. I wish I had some baseline hp/tq readings before all the changes during the years.

Next up, will probably be to either get some extended front brake lines or replace the entire front end totally like previously discussed.

One last thing:
A few months ago I purchased a pair of U-Clear's HBC 200 helmet communicators.
These things are really awesome. If you ever ride with a friend or something, it's really useful to talk or w/e while riding.
When you're riding alone, you can sync it to your phone or bluetooth music player and enjoy your ride with some tunes.
The benefit of it, is all you need to do to mute or stop the music is tap the side of the unit on your helmet. (Nice feature.)

Anyway, thanks for all the help as always guys.

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