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1983 XJ650RK

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Here is my buildup of a 1983 XJ650RK (Yamaha Seca 650):

Started out as a nice, clean stocker:

First mod: Change out the stock bars with these clubmans:

Got rid of one of the horns - located the other one under the header - removed the passenger grab bar and shortened/moved the rear turn signals and made the 1-up seat out of fiberglass:

Installed new taillight / licence plate bracket - cut the frame off a few inches and capped it off with a set of barends:

New Muffler - New Paint - Decals:

Tuning fork tank badges and closeup of front fender:

Front 3/4 view:

I think she needs to come down a few inches in the front... Might be a reason to finally switch over to clip-ons (although all the clubman bashing almost makes me want to keep them on there).
Can't get the forks up through the tree more than a couple of cm's with the clubmans on.

Hey By'
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I use the penny trick, move the forks up the thickness of one penny, then try it, two pennies then try it, etc...

The only cb I have with the forks slid up to accomidate clipons runs a steering dampner and new temkin style neck bearings, so far no wiggle but the bike is apart right now.
since this dude hasn't been seen since 2007, I'll answer for says he made his own fiberglass seat, and from the looks of it he used the original seat pan to make a mold for the bottom. It's a pretty clever way to insure fitment. too bad he wasn't as clever about his peg position.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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