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1983 XJ650RK

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Here is my buildup of a 1983 XJ650RK (Yamaha Seca 650):

Started out as a nice, clean stocker:

First mod: Change out the stock bars with these clubmans:

Got rid of one of the horns - located the other one under the header - removed the passenger grab bar and shortened/moved the rear turn signals and made the 1-up seat out of fiberglass:

Installed new taillight / licence plate bracket - cut the frame off a few inches and capped it off with a set of barends:

New Muffler - New Paint - Decals:

Tuning fork tank badges and closeup of front fender:

Front 3/4 view:

I think she needs to come down a few inches in the front... Might be a reason to finally switch over to clip-ons (although all the clubman bashing almost makes me want to keep them on there).
Can't get the forks up through the tree more than a couple of cm's with the clubmans on.

Hey By'
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That must have been posted in the kinder and gentler
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