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If interested for details message me. Thanks


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I do this for fun, there's an ass for every seat, I'm sure if someone is that scared to not have a fender, he or she can request one

Steel, glass, carbon. Anything is possible ;)

Less = More :+1:
Oh, so that is your FUN feature and you are looking for some ASS to fall for that LOAD OF SHIT and buy your BOBBER!
Guess there is no need to inquire about your theory on exhaust systems :rolleyes:
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Sorry everyone is giving you so much grief. There are some things to like on this bike (color) and the rest would be easy to change.
If I may; loose the zip ties and just wire-tie the reservoir lines. The harbor freight zip ties makes your bike look cheap.

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It's all good, it's to be expected now a days. Thank you for your input, I think oetiker clamps would be nice and clean
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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