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1987 Yamaha SRX250

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1987 Yamaha SRX250. Rare, fun, good handling little thumper, just professionally tuned and valves adjusted by LouieQ, new battery, tires virtually unworn. Factory shop manual, Low miles-2215. I bought it last March and have never registered it and have to admit I never will.Cosmetically good with minor chips, scratches and minor cracks in predictable places. Left bar bent a bit. Offering it here before I ebay/craigslist it. $950.00 or interesting trade. Interesting= Streetable Derbi, Rieju, Giro eligible bike or?

This is NotNicky's bike, I am just posting photos for him. He'll put in contact info below the photos.

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Hey, cool little bike....didn't even know there was such a thing....wouldn't that qualify for singles?
Talk about a cool USCRA semi-modern race class. 250 four strokes. There's the SRX, the NX, the Ninja 250 and I'm sure others I don't know about. Hey..even allow vintage 250's to bump...I think there are numerous vintage 250's that might outrun the modern machines.

Cool bikes.
Tex...I just love two wheels. Never cared for purist...I say if five guys can come up with something new to race...make some track time for them and see if it's fun. Just run'em with another class if need be.
I've said it before...I'll say it again, I'm not married to's just what I happen to race right now. I love old bikes, I love new bikes.

I'd love to build a honkin, mono-shock, disk brake, alloy frame, carbon fiber Honda 175. It would be safe...probably safer than vintage chassies. Damn....would I love to come into turn three with a screaming old 175 engine with the rear wheel in the air.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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