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The 1989 Honda GB500 is one of the rarest Honda motorcycles ever imported to the US. Resources state that less than 1200 were sold here! It’s a true collectible and clean examples don’t often come up for sale.

I’m the second owner, I’ve had it since 2001 and it currently has 28,022 original miles. The bike has never been down, tank is perfect(no dents) and has been sitting in my basement or garage for the last 8 years and only ridden around our development once or twice per year. I decided to thin out the vehicle collection and offer up this one to a new home and loving owner. I’m not a collector and would rather see someone else enjoy and show the bike off. It deserves better than sitting in my garage or basement.

* I’ve done the following since owning it, but still have ALL of the original parts:

- removed the stock mirrors and installed a small bar-end mirror.

- removed the stock turn signals and replaced them with small aluminum units.

- removed the stock rear fender/taillight, installed a small LED taillight under the grabrail and built a lighted license plate relocator.

- removed the stock exhaust system and replace it with a stainless steel SuperTrapp system.

- removed the air injection system and installed 2 block-off plates.

- installed a 15T front sprocket, 34T rear sprocket and Tsubaki o-ring chain.

- drilled out the 74 pilot jet and replaced the main with a 145.

*** All stock parts included(rear fender not shown but I have it).

*** I just installed a new Interstate IB12A- battery, oil & filter change and flushed the front brake fluid. It’s ready to go! ***

* The bike is not perfect, I’ve ridden it. To turn it into a show bike, the spokes/nipples would need to be polished, the lower fork legs would need to be refinished and the engine cases repainted(common problem on GB’s). It’s a 30 year old bike but I wouldn’t hesitate jumping on it and riding it anywhere. I’ve done 4-hour trips one-way and it’s suprisingly comfortable. It’s not a touring bike, but it’s not torture to ride any distance. If you go to a bike night, be prepared! It gets more attention than bikes which cost 10x’s what this one is worth.

Why take an old bike, cut off the tail, add a seat and lower handlebars and call it a “cafe racer”, when you can own the real deal. I’ve built all types and styles of bikes over the years, but this is a real Factory built tribute to the British bikes of the 60’s & 70’s. This is the bike you want to show up with for your next ride! You will not believe the attention this bike gets regardless of whatever else is there. Trust me. Even going to the gas station turns into a long discussion about “what it is”, “what year is it” or “who built it”?

$5100 FIRM.











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