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2003 Aprilia Mille RSV-R Track Bike. - SOLD

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Come on you dreamers! Forget that ratty CB350 and step up to the modern age. You know you want to.

I bought this a couple years ago to get back into doing trackdays after 20 years. I’ve ridden it (novice group) maybe five times since then and have decided that for how often I can get out I’ll use one of my streetbikes instead. Michigan title in my name.

37xxx miles
OZ forged aluminum wheels (Stock)
Brembo radial calipers (Stock)
Sebimoto fiberglass fairing and belly pan with carbon fiber tail section
Steel gas tank from earlier RSV
Bellypan has been cut to clear dual exhaust and allow use of sidestand.
Tail is clearcoated carbon fiber from Sebimoto
Body is painted with House of Kolor black pearl with a jet black belly pan.
Keyless gas cap
Ohlins Suspension & steering damper rebuilt in 2020 by Witchkraft Motorsports. Sprung for 190lb rider
Dunlop Q3+ tires with one bike night on them - installed spring of 2020
Lithium Iron battery - installed spring of 2020
Aprilia factory dual exhaust. Titanium? No idea but it’s surprisingly light

Currrent condition:

With stock bodywork:

Includes all the street parts, along with the rearstand shown. There are a few minor spares included too - the aero parts that go on the nose, shorty levers that came with the bike, Ohlins springs (I'm guessing for a heavier rider, see photo) etc. various fasteners. Nothing major.

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That'd be Gingerman Raceway here in Michigan. As afternoons away from work goes it was rather nice. :cool:
Yep, includes everything I took off of it so it could also be a street bike again. So both sets of bodywork. None of the stock bodywork was used in track form so no problem making it a streetbike again. Well, other than figuring out how it all goes back together, mounting the street parts is more involved than the track stuff...

I was going to take pics of the stock bodywork but it's stashed away in my basement and, um, well, fine. I'm lazy like that. Maybe later today.

It seems that an older Aprilia is about half the price of a similarly equipped Ducati, hence my straying from the flock as it were. To be honest, when I bought it I had ideas of pulling the forks and wheels off to use on a Ducati project. A wrecked ST4s, this bike, and some aftermarket 851 body panels would make for a fun bike. That's what I fooled myself into thinking I would do. Then a crashed ST4s showed up for less money than I had in my toy fund and still I passed on it. Basically my bluff was called and I folded.
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I may convert it back to street bike this winter and advertise it to the civilians in the spring... but I'd really rather spend my time working on other things.

$4000 sound any better? That's not code for send me a lowball price BTW. Not desperate, just not infatuated with it.
Luckily I don't HAVE to sell it, so, whatever. I'll probably decide not to convert it back to a street bike either, maybe next year I'll be able to do more track days. (And like I said, there are other things I'd rather be doing)

What I'm finding surprising are the number of people (not here, on another site) who contact me about it and then drop off the face of the Earth when I answer their questions. I even wondered if my replies were going through but it seems they are. People these days seem to have the attention span of a gnat...
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Alrighty people! It's a new season and this is for sale once again.

$3800. Rebuilt Ohlins suspension and steering damper , brembo radial caliper bakes, Oz forged aluminum wheels. All for under $4k.

How much was that thrashed CBwhatever you saw on Craigslist again? That one with the clownshoe tires and lowered POS suspension? With no title?

Seriously guys, don't make me pull all the fancy crap off of this and fit it to a '90s Ducati... I'll do it! Really I will!
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Bumped on wera!
I mean, liter twin power with retro cool dual exhausts and ohlins... cmon.
If I didn't have a garage full of junk...

I did put it on WERA again but the post had already moved to the second page by the time you got there. I'm pretty surprised these things don't get more respect than they do, if it said "Ducati" on the tank it would sell for twice as much bit wouldn't be any nicer.

The problem with it is... I've been a Ducati fanboy so long i just can't bond with it. I dunno. But really. Look at what people are asking for POS CBwhatevers. Rebuilt Ohlins front and rear, Radial caliper brakes, forged aluminum wheels? Under $4k? WTF? That's why I bought it, like i said you can't touch a similarly equipped Ducati for anywhere near that price. But I never thought to name my dog "Mille" either so there ya have it. I'm shallow, what can I say?
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Just need for the right type of motorcycle guy/gal to see the ad...


Sale pending
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