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New Hampshire Motor Speedway is pleased to announce the 2012 Festival of Sidecars as part of the 89th Annual Loudon Classic to be held on Fathers Day weekend June 15,16, &17 2012. There will be practice time and races on each of the three days. We will break each days schedule up so practice sessions and races are not consecutively scheduled and this will allow our guest to enjoy the sidecars on the track multiple times throughout the day. Separate practice sessions and races for both Modern and Vintage sidecars. Admission is free for drivers and passengers, $25 per weekend for additional crew members, or $10 per day. Camping with water/electric available for $25 for the weekend.
Please bring a short team bio to help the announcer present the race to the spectators.
RSVP your entry or direct questions to :
James Laura [email protected]
Bill Douglas [email protected]
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