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2015 Yamaha SR400

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Wheel Fuel tank Tire Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

Custom work
Great condition never dropped and all maintenance done on time
3780 Miles
Still have all original parts
Asking $5800
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You actually ride it with the trailer tires?
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Unless those are a better clown shoe they wouldn't make it to the road here either.
there's no inspections here for anything in the vehicle code-- not lights, tires, mufflers, nor in some other states as well. the law here says turn signals are required for anything built after 1967, but I've got four machines a bit newer than that that never came with any from the factory. all of em have mudguards and chain guards though.

directional signals are mostly placebos out here. I'm used to being invisible to the cage drivers, and wouldn't trust oncoming traffic to see a signal even if i had them. i turn the headlight on if i enter a built-up area, but i don't expect people to see that either.
What bikes do you have that never came with signals?

Pure logic says that if you want people to see you and understand your intent you make yourself visible.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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