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2015 Yamaha SR400

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Wheel Fuel tank Tire Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

Custom work
Great condition never dropped and all maintenance done on time
3780 Miles
Still have all original parts
Asking $5800
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I dont get it. You can guy a mint stock bike for $3500.
This is fucking stupid.

Whats "custom"? A seat?
Tank looks like the bullshit paint stripper mod.
Controls, headlight and gauges are emgos finest junk.
Tires show that this was owned/built by someone that nether rides nor understands motorcycles so HUGE red flag.
Did you not see that the seat is brown? And it has drag bars? With MATCHING BROWN GRIPS!

I'll bet that fancy schmancy Bimota of yours doesn't even have that level of custom or attention to detail. You're probably running around with matching grips and seat, sure, but I'll bet they are BLACK! Pffft. Get with the program.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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