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2015 Yamaha SR400

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Wheel Fuel tank Tire Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

Custom work
Great condition never dropped and all maintenance done on time
3780 Miles
Still have all original parts
Asking $5800
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In a civilized country you are not allowed to road license an open wheeled vehicle.
ohio is not very civilized. there are legal requirements for things on the books, but no inspections to enforce them.

interestingly, i can't find anything in the state vehicle code that requires a wheel be covered. it would be discretionary if a cop decided that no fenders constituted an "unsafe condition," i think.
How about the standard practice of removing all of the DOT required side reflectors from your motorcycles and replacing the DOT legal sized tail light and turn signals with smaller then legal non-approved components :/ That's all good too where you guys live? You're not worried about being even more invisible to traffic :unsure: Or is this where y'all say, we only ride on clean dry roads in broad daylight down here.

... By law you are not allowed to remove your chain guard either but for some strange unknown reason that is a modification requirement on all the cafe bobber builds that go through here. Newsflash people, the chain guard is on there to protect the chain from the rear tire, not to keep your pant leg from being caught.
there's no inspections here for anything in the vehicle code-- not lights, tires, mufflers, nor in some other states as well. the law here says turn signals are required for anything built after 1967, but i've got four machines a bit newer than that that never came with any from the factory. all of em have mudguards and chain guards though.

directional signals are mostly placebos out here. i'm used to being invisible to the cage drivers, and wouldn't trust oncoming traffic to see a signal even if i had them. i turn the headlight on if i enter a built-up area, but i don't expect people to see that either.
What bikes do you have that never came with signals?

Pure logic says that if you want people to see you and understand your intent you make yourself visible.
my daily riders are a 1966 A65T, a 1969 B44, a 1970 norton commando, and a 1972 T120RV. the first three never had signals and the last hasn't had them in some 30 years. i also have a 1968 B25 and a 1969 A65T with no signals since new that will be on the road sooner or later. but i have three or four newer machines with signals, and if they're there, i use them. but they shift on the wrong side, so theyre not my first choice for a ride.

you're right that pure logic says that turn signals are a safety feature. but if someone rides a motorcycle in the first place, pure logic also says that safety is not their first priority. just where people decide how much risk they are willing to live with isn't a logical issue. i'm quite comfortable with the risk that riding a motorcycle brings, as well as some level of increased risk by riding without directional indicators.

You're living in the past. Headlights on all the time for motorcycles has been law here since 1970.

i like it in the past. i'm quite comfortable here. YMMD
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Love when motorcycle riders tell stories how how they buck the system and it is better for them.
My favorite comments are when the term cager is used. To me it shows a certain lack of understanding, and a mentality that does not take responsibility.

Keep that rear brake covered if you have to "lay her down" too?
How about not wearing a helmet to keep you safer from neck injuries?
i'm not one of those guys, jag.
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