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2015 Yamaha SR400

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Wheel Fuel tank Tire Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

Custom work
Great condition never dropped and all maintenance done on time
3780 Miles
Still have all original parts
Asking $5800
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You actually ride it with the trailer tires?
They are new less than a 100 miles on them. I had no issues
lol unlikely, they are coated with armourall and still have the little mould hairs sticking out of them.

Beef, hey how come it says you have the original parts here, but you have a post to sell parts like the front fender separate :unsure: how does that work? In a civilized country you are not allowed to road license an open wheeled vehicle.
The tires are new no armourall lol and saw plenty eviews on them they do ride very well. I was selling parts separate for money for a situation but turns out I need more money worse than I thought at home. I didnt know I could not sell a motorcycle without front fender( thanks for letting me know). I do have another fender that I will put on
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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