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First year of the GSXR was 1984. It didn't get to USA until 1985.
The SACS motor stayed in production until 2009 in the Bandit 600 and 1200.
It's dead easy to get a 140bhp Bandit 1200 just be swapping GSX-R 750 cams into it and changing exhaust system (set up carbs on dyno, saves a ton of time and headaches)
One thing about them, the main bearing size and spacing was the same on 600 to 1100 with block being slightly taller on 1100 (about 1/2" taller). It means you can swap most of the parts around to build different capacity motors (although the 6 speed transmission in 600 isn't really up to the extra power and torque)
The 600 crankcase is also lighter and can crack as it was made thinner
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