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Don't forget about the bone line
i google’d the ole bone line. do i have to have a headlight and tail light to have a bone line? i have neither , will i be in “cafe racer” purgatory for eternity? i am worried!!
You should probably sell that POS and get something like a honda CX500. Those are the original cafe racers.
In the old days, British rockers would race their CX500 cafe racers from cafe to cafe to see who could drink the most coffee the fastest. True cafe racers not only have a good bone line and open triangle, but need to have vintage Firestone tires and a clubman bars to qualify.
Would it be faster if you put GSXR forks on it, or R1 forks?
only if he goes mono shock using an chinese RFY scooter shock
What are the details on that? GS motor in custom frame?
Is that a 16" rear wheel?
Something looks so weird about it
I think what's "off" is that its a race tire with a totally round profile, vs the normal tire profile that you see on a street bike... Seeing a race tire on a 16" wheel isn't something I usually get to do.
Louisville Kentucky is where its at... a New England style city with cheap cost of living
8 years to retirement....

And that KZ is sweet. They knocked it out of the park with the frame design on those models
1 - 8 of 109 Posts
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