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20mm Hex Key? Holy Hell!

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Ok, so update time. Since it was only -11 today (without windchill), I decided to do some work on the bike. And the weekend is supposed to be around zero too, so should get some shit done!

Today I put on my clip-on handle bars, and the chrome headlight brackets. Very sexy. Ran into a problem though...

When I was putting on the left bar, I had to take off the left fork cap and bung the thing on with a hammer and wood block. Well it's on fine now, but I have no idea how to put the cap back on the fork, as it's pretty hard to compress the spring and turn the cap at the same time. The hex socket in the cap is 20mm, but I looked around town and no one seems to carry a 20mm hex wrench or anything!

I tried fashioning one out of an old hockey stick, and it works for fitting in the socket, but it's still very hard to get it to go in the fork.

I feel like the hugest noob in the world here :p

Le Canuck
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quote:umm I know this sounds stupid but I used a 20mm bolt and threaded a nut all the way down, I put the bolt in fork cap upside down and put a wrench on the nut and tightened it down
Same idea, but use a socket and one of those ratcheting thumb wheels.
The thumb wheel fits the palm of your hand so that you can press down and turn at the same time, once you get the threads started then just keep twisting the thumb wheel like a regular ratchet.
Ha, finally found a picture of the thumb-wheel so' you know what I'm talking about!

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